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Content Creation Process

digital signage content creation


You do not have to specialize in graphic design or content creation


Nobody wants to fiddle with templates or attempt to create graphics using complicated software. That is why we include total all-inclusive content creation services with every AdSlide, TouchPlus+ and Waytouch Premier package.


Your organization's brand, logo, colors and other requirements will be incorporated into the design. Aside from your branding we will also creatively incorporate all of the desired features you want built in to the contents media zone. Examples of media zones include: rotating images, welcome message, event listing, digital directory etc


A close attention to detail


When developing your content, we cover all of the critical elements:


  • Visually Compelling Images: all graphics will compliment your brand while visually emphasizing your message
  • Right Selection of Colors: all colors will blend perfectly together demanding attention
  • Animations and Transitions: motion graphics will be used to grab attention and media gallery's can be set to auto rotate
  • Typography: all font styles used will be comfortable to read and display beautifully on the screen

5 steps behind creating content

Our comprehensive check and balance system was set in place to maintain a consistent level of quality while giving you complete control, outstanding service and a solution you are proud of. When creating the content for every order we follow a detailed proof and revision 5 step design process:

Complete Discovery Form

- First, place your order
- Then complete the build your own form
- Upon receiving your completed form we will immediately review it
- Then do some research on your establishment to get a better understanding of your company, products, and services
- After review, we will reach out to you to schedule a creative discovery call

Creative Discovery (phone call 1)

- This is where the magic beings!
- On our call, we go over your project in depth to get a clear understanding of your detailed concept requirements, objectives, preferences, brand logo, colors, etc
- Within 6-9 business days of our first call, we will have the first draft of content emailed to you for review

Review Mock Up (phone call 2)

- 10-19 business days into the design process
- You will evaluate the content and send us your valuable constructive feedback
- You may like a new combination of layouts, colors, and fonts from different content to create a new design

Review Mock Up (phone call 3)

- 20-29 business days into the design process
- Based on your feedback, we make necessary changes and send you the revised content pieces
- We keep making tweaks, adjustments, and changes until you get the design look and feel you want

Approve Content (phone call 4)

- 30 – 45 business days into the design process
- Review the final content pieces
- If adjustments are needed let us know, if not, sign off on the final design
- Within seven business days of you signing off on the content, the final product will be shipped to you out-of-the-box ready to use!