“I could not believe all these amazing features came built in standard. No add-on a La Carte’ pricing, no extra charges or recurring fees...nothing. Their Design Team paid close attention; I told them what I wanted, and they created a beautiful, easy to manage TouchPlus™ & Waytouch Premier™ system that simply exceeded my expectations! What a great experience!”

- Kelly M

The Ultimate Wayfinding Solution

The Waytouch Premier™ is an all-inclusive Award-Winning interactive digital signage wayfinding solution. Popular uses include multi-floor / multi-building turn by turn 3D directions, touchscreen directory with map, event integration with wayfinding, dynamic pop-ups with final destination images, videos and more!


  • Campus Classes & Building Wayfinding
  • Corporate Conference Room Booking w/ Directions
  • Medical Facility Multi-Floor Destination Finding
  • Mall or Shopping Center Department Wayfinding with Promotions
  • Hotel On-Premise Event and Facility Wayfinding
  • Interactive Lobby Directory with Wayfinding
  • Airport Terminal Wayfinding with Shopping & Food Directory
  • Convention Events or Trade Show Booth Wayfinding
  • Download Waytouch Premier Spec Sheet

Professionally Built just For You

It’s simple. Tell us what you want and for one flat-rate we’ll custom develop everything for you. Our design team will set everything up for you; create all of the touchscreen buttons, all maps, landing pages, graphics and content.

What’s Included?

  • Digital Signage Media Player
  • Digital Signage Software
  • Digital Signage Content Creation
  • 3D Map Creation with Destination Data Input
  • Digital Signage Display or Kiosk
  • Digital Signage Cloud Based Content Manager
  • 4 Phase Design Guarantee
  • Full Training, Support, Set-Up & Configuration

Popular touchscreen display sizes include: 32", 43", 48", 55" and 65".

Smart Pathway (Automatic Destination Routes) 

Included with the Waytouch Premier™ is the creation of beautiful turn by turn animated pinch and zoom maps. To create a map all that we need from you is a list of destinations and scanned in image or CAD drawing of your facility map. Our design team will handle the rest!


  • All directions are based on shortest path & ease of accessibility.
  • ADA Compliant with Wheelchair easy access button.
  • Multi-Language button that supports multiple languages.
  • Directions automatically are generated once a destination is selected.
  • Directions can be selected to be sent to mobile device.
Enhanced 3D Map Views

The Waytouch Premier™ comes with a variety of map views that are specifically designed for quick and easy destination finding.


  • Fly Over: route animation with virtual directions
  • Stacked: multi-floor destination that supports 360-degree viewing
  • Eagle View: this high level 3D view with top-down route directions

Dynamic Map Pop Ups

This feature is very useful for visitors looking to learn more about a destination.

  • A magnifying glass can be added to any destination on the map.
  • When clicked a Pop-Up description & image gallery of destination appears.
  • Use this to add spotlight events, list contact information.

Interactive Points of Interest Map

Increase customer experience by making it easier for your patrons to search for, find information and receive real-time directions to local area attractions, restaurants, etc. Each destination you choose to feature can consist of a short description, destination image, address and contact information.


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