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Wayfinding Corporate

Waytouch Premier Corporate Building Wayfinding


  • Precision turn-by-turn directions to offices and rooms
  • Share bulletins, meeting times, and conference room availability
  • Boosts brand image, employee morale, and public perception
  • Easy content updates and management using your iPhone!
  • Only available here custom built, tested, and turnkey
  • Download Product Spec Sheet

Specially designed for improving corporate building wayfinding

If you are looking for a corporate building wayfinding digital signage solution, that is highly efficient, and includes all of the bells and whistles then you will favor this professionally designed total solution!

You will be able to seamlessly blend your companies directory, building map, meetings and event calendar, news, HR bulletins, conference room availability, and other important announcements into a compelling easy to manage, all-in-one visual communications platform.

• Built-In keyboard for quick and easy destination is searching
• Directions automatically are generated once a destination is selected
• ‘You Here Icon’ map icon with turn by turn directional arrows
• All directions are based on shortest path & ease of accessibility (Smart Pathway Algorithm)
• Directions can be chosen to be sent to a mobile device via text message or email
• Plus choose from over 30+ features to enhance your wayfinding system

What’s Included?

You will receive an out-of-the-box ready to use solution. It will ship preloaded with your facility map with directions, custom content, software, and media player. Tell us the features you need then we will custom develop, test and set up everything for you.

When completed we will ship you a ready to use system that simply works:

• Waytouch Premier™ Wayfinding Digital Signage Software
• All-Inclusive Creative Design & Content Creation
• Industry's Only Digital Signage Design Guarantee
• 1 Floor 3D Map with up to 50 Destination Point Directions
• Digital Signage Media Player w/ HDMI Cable
• Cloud-Based Digital Signage Content Management (WI-FI)
• Full Training, Set-Up & Configuration
• 12 Month Technical Support
• Live Dedicated Support Specialist
*Note: additional per floor maps and destination points can be purchased separately.

Product Instructions:

It is 4 Easy Steps

1. Place order
2. We will then setup everything for you and ship you a total solution
3. Connect the Waytouch Premier™ Media Player to your display or kiosk and WI-FI
4. Turn it on and you are done! The software with content will automatically load.Learn more about wayfinding digital signage:

What Are Digital Signage Wayfinding Kiosks?
6 Signs of Good Digital Signage Wayfinding
The Dummies’ Guide to Interior Wayfinding Digital Signage
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Pinch and Zoom 3D Map Views

Enhanced 2.5D Map Views

Standard 2D Maps

Local Area Attractions Map


attractions map

Touch screen corporate building wayfinding digital signage

A specially made interactive system that can be used to boost your brand's image, employee morale, and public perception

In today’s modern age, things are moving faster and faster by the day. It is becoming ever more challenging to connect better with employees and guests visiting your building. The need for an engaging multimedia communications platform that enables for better corporate communications, better visitor engagements, allows for real-time message updates, room booking integrations, and improved facility wayfinding is crucial.

“Going paperless”

It is cutting edge and new. Loaded with useful widgets and features the Waytouch Premier™ is a total wayfinding digital signage solution that improves communications while adding convenience to visitors. Beautifully display your companies directory, building a map, meetings and event calendar, corporate news, HR bulletins, and other relevant notices using this comprehensive all-in-one visual communications solution.

Improve communications

Save crucial time and ensure important announcements and facility news are seen in a digitally dynamic format. Display HR operational information: new staffs welcome message, recognizing teamwork, new services or product and new organization regulations and processes. Seamlessly promote corporate events through your digital displays with any media format, videos, or other easily updated and dragged-in content.

Always be on time

We can integrate your Outlook account with the Waytouch Premier™. When your calendar updates in Outlook so will the events on the digital sign. All updates are instant and wirelessly sent to the display.

Custom welcome messages

Easily and quickly update, edit, change or add new messages, bulletins, information and other media changes anytime from anywhere conveniently from any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Out-of-the-box ready to use

Our design team will custom create all of the graphics, touch screen buttons, maps, layout, and incorporate every feature you need. All content will be preconfigured with our software, preloaded onto the media player, and ships ready to use!

Quick and easy facility destination finding

Visually relieve the directional frustration of visitors, guests, and employees throughout any organization's property. Provide your visitors with an easy to use touch screen directory that contains MapIt turn-by-turn directions to any office, conference room or any other location throughout your facility.

• Built-In keyboard for destination searching
• Includes animated directional arrows
• Pinch and Zoom 3D maps with MapIt button
• Final destination panorama
• All directions are based on shortest path and ease of accessibility

Improves efficiency

Once the system is installed, it is self-operational. Settings can be applied for pre-scheduled Power ON / OFF. Every time the system turns on the Waytouch Premier™ software automatically loads itself.

When placing your order simply let us know which features you would like and our graphics design team will creatively incorporate everything you need into the digital signs interface. Remember, you can select as many features as you’d like and you’ll always receive the same flat-rate price from us. We do not bill by sets of features, by "slides" or design time.

What the combination of features would like to incorporate into the displays interface?


Use Your iPhone To Update Daily Messaging and Other Media

This easy to use digital signage content management platform is ideal for users that have no graphic design capabilities and simply want to update media zones easily.
Average users master content management within 15 minutes! No drawn out webinar to attend.

• Edit all text and image zones
• Upload images right from your desktop
• Update media albums with video, powerpoint, and images
• Manage events, meetings, and other calendar events
• Create user groups for privilege control
• Remote access from any device, at any time
• Free to use cloud-based content manager

How does Google Drive Content Management work?

Using our Proprietary Publisher Pro Digital Signage software, we integrate every media and text zone with Google Drive.
This integration leverages the power of our all-in-one platform while eliminating the need for annual SaaS fees.

• Our software auto resizes every image and video you upload. No graphic design needed.
• All images sent to a media zone will be adjusted to fit perfectly inside the zone.
• All text updates you input are auto-optimized to match the font size, color, and style.
• Every change you make is wirelessly pushed to the display within minutes.
• Multi-User / Multi Admin control levels are available.


Google Drive is mentioned as a content sync location. Is this an account that our organization would need to create or is this accessing a vendor's account?

We will create the Google account for end-user and sync it with our software.
When the display is installed, we will provide Google information plus train end-user how to use.

Do the clients call to anything else outside of our firewall besides Google Drive?

Only if end-user request stream of information that requires internet connections.
An example of streams: weather forecast and daily news feeds.

For Network Load, is the content just pulled from the Google Drive location one time, cached locally, then stream it?

Correct all content is locally cached on the media player.

Is it reloaded on a regular interval, if so what is the frequency?

Content update interval time can be set per customer request.

What is the maximum file size that is supported?

• Documents: Up to 1.02 million characters. If you convert a text document to Google Docs format, it can be up to 50 MB.
• Spreadsheets: Up to 2 million cells for spreadsheets that are created in or converted to Google Sheets.
• Presentations: Up to 100 MB for presentations converted to Google Slides.

What file types are supported?

General files

• Audio formats (MP3, MPEG, WAV, .ogg)
• Image files (.JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, .BMP)
• Text files (.TXT)
• Video files (WebM, .MPEG4, .3GPP, .MOV, .AVI, .MPEGPS, .WMV, .FLV, .ogg)

Microsoft files

• Excel (.XLS and .XLSX)
• PowerPoint (.PPT and .PPTX)
• Word (.DOC and .DOCX)
• XML Paper Specification (.XPS)

Industry's Only 100% Digital Signage Design Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you that your system’s content, design, and layout will meet your exact expectations.

• No strings attached, no hidden costs, no additional charges for ‘design time’.
• All requested features will be properly incorporated.
• Your branding requirements accurately executed.

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wayfinding digital signage for hospitals

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This is an all-in-one touch screen wayfinding system that when deployed can dramatically improve experiences and improve your ability to easily communicate

This is an all-in-one touch screen wayfinding system that when deployed can dramatically improve experiences and improve your ability to easily communicate

hospital touchscreen wayfinding digital signage

wayfinding digital signage for colleges

Waytouch Corporate

wayfinding digital signage new york city ny

wayfinding digital signage new york city, ny

digital sign directory

digital signage directory

Local points of interest map with restaurants, attractions, and more

Local points of interest map with restaurants, attractions, and more

When a destination on the map is selected information, images, phone number, and description appears

When a destination on the map is selected information, images, phone number, and description appears

The directory listings are customizable: you can feature images, name, suite number, destination description, and phone number

The directory listings are customizable: you can feature images, name, suite number, destination description, and phone number


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"These are the most intuitive, logical, and well-designed solutions on the market today.  We can easily manage all content, event updates, and live feeds.”

 -Doug T

 "Your team went and above and beyond! The final product meet our exact  requirements - a superb layout, beautiful graphics, and the software is so easy to use! Thank you"

 - Natalie Z

 "I could not believe all of these amazing features came built-in standard. I told them what I wanted, and they designed a beautiful easy to manage. What a great experience!"

 - Kelly M

Product FAQ's

1. What is the average lead time once a Purchase Order is placed?

2-4 weeks. This includes custom content creation, software set-up, and shipping.

2. What happens after I place my order?

We immediately begin a 4 Step Content Design Process. (See question 11 below for detail of process)
Durning each phase your involvement approval is required.

o You can view all content and submit feedback using our online content portal review.
o This leaves you in complete control and ensures the final product meets all expectations.

3. Who and how do the maps get built?

We will handle the complete creation of maps.

• To create the maps we just a list of destinations and an image or CAD drawing of your facility map.
• Our design team will handle the rest!

4. How easy is the system to set up and use?

Every Waytouch Premier™ solution is user-friendly and non-technical.
• NO complicated technical or software set-up is required when installing the system.
• Before shipping your system we set-up, configure and test every component.
• When receiving the system, we will walk you through the set-up step by step.
• We also offer optional onsite installation services.

5. Will you train my staff and me?

• You will receive a dedicated support manager that will be there for you in every capacity.
• The support specialist will tailor all training to match your exact needs and technical background.
• When you receive the system, our team of experts will make sure the system is up and running.
• You can expect for the process and installation to take an average of 2-4 hours (per screen).

6. What type of technical support and customer service is included?

• From initial planning to post-deployment, our support service is 100% continuous.
• Our 24/7 answering service guarantees that you can reach someone.
• Live Specialists can provide service between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST
• You will also receive the direct email and phone number of a committed Support Specialist.

7. How easy is it for me to change my digital directory or menu board information?

• Very simple. Using Google Drive you can edit any text related information
• Example: names, suite numbers, food names, prices.
• All changes you make apply to the display within minutes

8. What are the Hidden Costs?

• None. We handle every solution transparently by providing you with all available.

9. Is this system scalable?

• Yes, fully scalable.

10. What is the Cost of Management & Maintenance?

• We do not charge annual hosting or content management fees.
• Based on your request, we can add optional extended support packages.

11.What consists of the 4 Phase Design Process?

After your order is placed, we immediately begin creating your digital signage content.

4 steps Design Small 2

Phase 1: Needs Analysis
o We research your establishment to learn about your organization, products, & services.
o We then have an initial discovery call with you to identify clearly your objectives and needs.
o After the call, we draft a set of concept designs and send them to you for review and feedback.
o Upon receiving your response, a full-color mock-up is completed and sent to you for review.

Phase 2: Review
o Based on your feedback of the full-color mock up we make changes to the layout and its media.
o When completed, we will have a short review call to review final full-color mock-up.
o On the call, we will focus on how we can fine-tune the design, to exactly meet your needs.

Phase 3: Revise
o Improvements talked about during our Review Call are made and sent to you for approval.
o If you request changes, we continue making adjustments until the exact Look & Feel is reached.

Phase 4: Sign Off and Set-Up
o The final design is submitted for your approval.
o Once the final sign off occurs, we will configure and test every component of the system.
o When you receive the system, a specialist will contact you for Step By Step Kick Off call.
o On the call, we cover non-technical setup and make certain all of your questions are answered.