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For Creative Professionals

“I have been using Publisher Pro for a year now and am very happy. Within the map building portion of the software I am always finding new ways it can easily improve the customer experience for wayfinding. The user interface is intuitive and comes with built-in management tools allowing administrators to see the health and status of the all systems running in the field. All these tools plus access to real-time user statistics makes Publisher Pro a great value.”

Christopher F. OpenEye Global

Using Publisher and its built-in CMS platform you will be able to easily create and support the requirements of any digital signage project or RFP, while at the same time, have the ability to offer your clients a variety of standard built-in “premium” features that will truly exceed your customers expectations!

Quickly build feature-rich, dynamic digital signage content using our comprehensive toolbox of built-in media inserts allowing for free form designs and unique branding styles.

• Freely drag-and-drop, rotate, scale, reposition, and layer components.
• Eyedrop color picker and RGB HEX color editors –for quick and easy color matching.
• Adjust opacity on any component, widget, or layer.
• Unlimited buttons, layers, pages, popups and design elements.
• Visual Filters such as drop shadow, glow, bevel, color matrix, etc.
• Customize fonts, configuration, sizes, and icons of the weather component
• Built-in, multi-language editor with Bing/Google translate.
• Photo/Video/Media slideshow, interactive panoramas, Interactive photo or video albums.
• Twitter Board, donor list, and other live feeds.
• Google Map integration.
• Emergency Alerts – weather notifications, AMBER alerts, and more!
• Zone scheduling within multi-layered templates
• Slide scheduling.
• Playlist scheduling.
• Screen hibernation scheduling / system maintenance scheduling.
• "Kiosk" monitoring systems with email alerts.

Create an engaging touch screen user interface that is loaded with action, multi-gesture, interactive touch points, widgets, and original elements.

Built-in native capabilities included:

• Unlimited interactive slides, layers, buttons, and icons to layout an interface.
• No coding needed for creating and programming interactive buttons or linking widgets and features.
• Free-style editing and display of list content
• Two-step, smart search filters
• Google Map integration, points of interest, destination search, touch and locate flexibility
• Native, multi-touch gesture support (Exactly like a smartphone).
• 100% customizable screensaver widget
• Native, multi-language support.
• Drag-and-Drop landing page designs, login panels, and other custom UI components.
• Seamlessly integrate external content; flight status, ticketing/purchasing, transit systems, stock tickers, and fully functioning web page controls.
• Create dynamic QR codes.
• VOIP communications - Integrated with Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, and most VOIP solutions.
• NFC communication - NFC tags and device communications.
• 360 Panoramic View™ - pop up window that can display interactive final destination images.
• Dynamic Pop Up - display a description, video or web page for any destination.
• and much more!

Using Publisher Pro you will be able to create the World's Best 3D Wayfinding Maps in record time!

Built-in native capabilities included:

• 3D Map Builder & Editor
• Turn any Illustrator file, Photoshop file, or image of a map into a 3D masterpiece!
• Draw pathways, create, or change wayfinding paths for any type of map.
• Automatically generate turn by turn directions for any map.
• Map It Now - choose from beautifully animated route animations
• Fly Over View – 3D virtual in person directions.
• Eagle Eye View– 3D top-down view
• Multi-Level View - multi-floor / multi-building wayfinding
• Pathway Re-Routing - Enable custom detours and rerouting
• Instant Search - Customizable on-screen keyboard for destination searching
• Smart Pathway- intelligent algorithm auto-generates directions based on the shortest path and ease of accessibility.
• Publish any map for utilization from home or on a mobile device with the press of a button
• Print or Send Directions to Email/Mobile
• Integrates with any data feed for 1-click wayfinding
• Events, products, promotions, booth locations, employee desks, and other changing data types can be incorporated into the map.
• and much more!