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Partners & Resellers

Become Partner

We promise, you won't have to attend long webinars on software or get by the technical components of digital signage software or content creation.

You will receive wholesale pricing on a complete custom digital signage solution. We will take care of content creation, software support and training. All that you have to do is close the sale and we'll do the rest.

Sales Process

1. Identify Opportunity

• Understand what customer is looking for.
• Do presentation to customer.

2. Site Survey

• Complete and submit online Site Survey form.
Click here to access form.

3. Solutions Discovery

• Walk your customer through the online proposal tool.

• This 4 step tool covers layout of content, features and available size displays or kiosks.

• This will help them envision the product, build value in solution and generate a proposal for you.
• You will instantly be emailed an unbranded proposal upon completing form.

Click here to access tool.

4. Create and Send Your Customer Quote

• Use the unbranded proposal that is emailed to you as template and prepare a proposal / quote for end-user.
• For pricing use DigitalSignBuilder price sheet
• Have questions? Give us call 408-933-3300.

5. Your Customer Approves PO

• Send PO to DigitalSignBuilder.
• 2-4 weeks lead time for content, creation, delivery and install.

6. Content Creation Begins

• 4 Phase Design Process
• Create, review, test, configure, and prepare content.
• DigitalSignBuilder, Dealer, and Customer involved.

7. Order Ships

• Customer approves all content.
• We ship you an out-of-the-box ready to use system!

Sales Materials

Flyers, Spec Sheets, and Videos

Media Buzz

• Generate public awareness for your company!
• We offer complimentary professionally written press releases.
• These articles will written in a style that promote your company and the DigitalSignBuilder solutions you've sold.
Click here to request Press Release.

ATTENTION: For Companies With Creative Design Department

  • If your business is looking to create and manage digital signage content click here.