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Pro Features

All-In-One Digital Signage Content Design and Management Software

“I love the flexibility of your solutions and Publisher Pro. The platform allows me to custom build unique digital signage systems to fit my client’s requests and needs. Our clients are blown away!" - Dave S, Cooper Signage & Graphics

Using Publisher Pro you can create three types of digital signage content:

With the Publisher Pro AdSlide™ Module you can easily build feature rich static digital signage content using our comprehensive toolbox of built-in media inserts allowing for free form designs and unique branding styles.

The following features and capabilities are included with Publisher Pro:

  • Freely drag-n-drop design and resize, re-position, rotate or set above or behind another component
  • Eyedrop color picker –for quick and easy color matching
  • Transparency on most components, widgets and layers
  • Unlimited buttons, layers, pages, popups and design elements
  • Visual Filters such as drop shadow, glow, bevel, color matrix, etc
  • Supports custom fonts, layout, sizes and weather icons of component
  • Built-in multi-language editor
  • Photo/Video/Media slideshow, panorama, Interactive photo album
  • Twitter board and social media
  • Local Google map integration
  • Added widgets; Photoshop and HTML type filters that can easily be associated through built-in drop downs
  • System maintenance schedule for all hardware/display, with “kiosk” monitoring systems, and email alerts
  • Emergency Alerts – weather notifications, AMBER alerts, and more!
  • Zone scheduling in multi-layered template
  • Slide scheduling
  • Playlist scheduling.
  • Screen hibernation scheduling
  • System maintenance scheduling

Using the Publisher Pro TouchPlus™ module you will be able to easily design and create an engaging touch screen digital signage user interface that is loaded with action, multi-touch gesture interactive touch point widget features!

The following features and capabilities are included with Publisher Pro:

  • Unlimited interactive slides/layers/buttons/icons on layout interface.
  • No coding needed for creating and programming interactive buttons.
  • Free-style list content display with smart search.
  • Google map integration- with point of interest touch and locate flexibility.
  • Native multi-Touch gestures support (Smartphone-like).
  • Screensaver widget allows built-in digital signage screen saver to run while the screen is idling.
  • Native multi-language support.
  • Drag-and-Drop landing page designs, login panels, and other custom UI components.
  • Seamless external content integrations; flight Status, ticketing/purchasing, transit systems, stock, and fully functioning webpage controls.
  • Create dynamic QR codes.
  • VOIP communications - Integrated with Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber and most VOIP solutions.
  • NFC communication - NFC tags/devices communications.
  • 360 Panoramic View - pop up window that can display final destination images.
  • Dynamic Pop Up - display a description, video or webpage for any destination.
  • & much more

Using the Publisher Pro Waytouch Premier™ Module you will be able to create the worlds best 3D Wayfinding digital signage solutions.

The following features and capabilities are included with Publisher Pro:

  • 3D Map Builder & Editing
    • Turn any 2D PNG or FXG illustrator file map into a 3D map masterpiece!
    • No Flash or HTML experience needed
    • High level of built-in editing to preferred routes with any layered-dimensional mapping
    • True user-capable route editing tool enabling pathway to create re-route directions
  • Map It Now - choose from a beautiful animated automatic turn by turn directions.
  • Fly Over View – 3D walking directions.
  • Ultimate Eagle Eye View? – 3D top view directions.
  • Multi Level View - multiple floor directions.
  • Construction Pathway Re-Routing? - smart detour scheduling capabilities.
  • Instant Search - customize interactive keyboard to match brand colors for easy final destination searching.
  • Smart Pathway- intelligent algorithm that auto-generates directions based on shortest path and ease of accessibility.
  • Mobile map export tool synchronizes latest map to mobile devices by 1-click.
  • Publish any map on a URL site and/or mobile device as a full application to utilize from home or onsite.
  • Print or Send Directions to Email/Mobile wayfinding website
  • Integrates with any feeds for 1-click wayfinding
  • 3rd Party integration to display wayfinding for events, popular locations, promotions, product locations, etc
  • And much more!

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