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A Straight Forward Approach Towards Content Management


Digital Signage Content Management has never been this easy!

  • Remotely update your digital displays content using Google Docs.
  • Text, images, and other forms of media can updated anytime, from anywhere.
  • Makes content updates right from your iPhone, smartphone, computer or tablet!
  • All changes are automatically sent to the display.
  • No annual software license costs or renewal fees.
  • Multi-User / Multi Admin control levels.

Built-In 3rd Party Data Feed Integration's 

  • Seamlessly incorporate information, event listings, emergency alerts and more!
  • When the information in your software updates so will the displays content.
  • This self-managed solution automates the entire process of content management.
  • Our team will handle all set-up and technical configurations.


What is a "3rd Party Data Feed"?

A data feed is generated from a CRM, EMS or other 3rd Party Software system. If you currently use an internal software platform, we will create a feed (XML, iXML, etc.) and connect it directly to the signs content for automatic content updates.

Platforms we can natively integrate with include:

  • Sales Pro: event and conference schedules, class times, and scheduled directory listings.
  • DELPHI: conference times, event streams, and other schedule listings.
  • Micros Opera: event schedules and POS sale listing.
  • 25Live / CollegeNet: academic schedules and programs, class times, e-calender's, campus communications.
  • EMS: meeting and room schedules, event listing, and classroom schedules.
  • Rave: alert emergency notifications stream.
  • Google Calendar and Outlook: event schedules
  • ISAC: conferences, events, and other scheduled listings
  • Hyatt Envision: conferences, events, and other scheduled listings
  • Marriot CI/TY: conferences, events, and other scheduled listings
  • Ungerboeck: conferences, events, and other scheduled listings
  • Raiser's Edge: donor listings and descriptions accept donations, and scheduled events.
  • HTML: website feeds
  • Active Directory: directory listings


What if I don’t use a CRM, EMS, or 3rd Party Software?

  • No problem. We will connect all content zones being displayed on the digital sign with Google Drive (see video above for example).
  • Using Google you will be able to centrally manage, edit and update your entire digital communication network.
  • All updates can be done remotely from any computer, iPad, tablet, laptop or mobile phone with Internet connection.


What are content zones?

  • Examples of media zones include: digital directory, any image or video, media gallery, event schedules,  public notifications, announcements, corporate news and communications, streaming tickers, weather and news updates, sales and promotions,  welcome messages, memorial or donor wall listings with descriptions and other media or text based information.


How are the media galleries managed?

  • Images, Product Brochures, Video Commercials, PowerPoint files, PDFs and other media files can be featured in the gallery.
  • All digital media can be kept current using Google Drive or our web portal easy update solution.


What type of real-time information feeds can be displayed?

  • Feature live news, sports, weather, or emergency related notifications. 
  • Examples of feeds include ESPN, Yahoo, New York Times, Reuters, etc. The font and color of information feed can be custom adjusted to fit your brand requirements.


Can your system be integrated with Donor Recognition software?

  • Yes, real-time multi-category donor listings can be displayed by simply connecting your donor software (Raiser's Edge, etc.) to our platform. 
  • To encourage donations you can choose to add a direct link to the Donate Now section of your website to the interface.


How does your system manage event listings?

  • We can add any event stream by directly integrating your current Sales Pro, Delphi, Outlook, XML feed or any other calendar-based data feed.
  • The event listing information will automatically be sent from the original data feed to the display or kiosk.
  • No additional steps or manual updates will be needed.


What type of support is included?

Every solution purchased includes:

  • Receive Dedicated Support Specialist with Direct Phone Number
  • 12 Months of Software Support and 24/7 Technical Support Answering Service
  • Nationwide Support Phone Number & Email Address
  • Live Specialists Available to Answer 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST Monday-Friday
  • Complete Set-Up Support & System Training
  • 4 Phase Content Design Guarantee
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