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Creating Your Touch Screen Digital Signage Content Interface (UI)

touchscreen digital signage

Deciding to implement touch screen digital signage is one step, but the next phase is figuring out your contents interface and how it will look. For many people, this is a daunting task that scares them away. Your interface needs to be user-friendly, engaging and enjoyable to use.

One of the ways you can do this is to implement icon systems. Icons are not only visually attractive; they are also an easy way to communicate ideas without using long, wordy sentences. Plus, most people are already extremely in-tune with the ideas behind icon communication, as they are so common across the world.

From smartphones to restroom doors, icons are everywhere, and humans have been able to tune into their meaning and to understand them in the same way we read words. When we take symbols into account, it is quite clear as to why we would use icons over words when designing a digital signage or kiosk interface.

Icons are the go-to for touch screen digital signage interfaces these days, and there’s an excellent reason. If you have ever worked through a user-facing kiosk, you will know a vast majority of the visual communication is done through icons.

You will also know that having a consistent and easily understood interface is important for the user. This means you should always use the same icons throughout your interface and keep their positioning consistent to ensure the user always knows what to do.

It is not a new idea to implement icons in your user interface, but it is a good one. Just because it has been done before, too, doesn’t mean you cannot be creative and put your spin on the idea to create your icons for your needs that help you convey a big idea through a small picture.

If you are not big into design or simply don’t have time to create an extensive database of icons to use in your interface, consider having DigitalSignBuilder provide you with a turnkey touch screen digital signage solution.