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Borel Estate Co. Acquires New Stunning Digital Directory

borel directory

Borel Estate Company owns and manages high-end commercial office buildings in San Mateo for the last 50 years. They were looking to take the guests experience to the next level by improving building wayfinding and creating a warm, elegant welcome for guests. After partnering with BLR Sign Systems they now feature a professional digital directory that was designed to compliment the extensive lobby remodel.

Kelly Conway of BLR states “Borel Estate Company values the relationship they have with their tenants and continually strives to make the building environment one their tenants can feel represents their businesses well. Many Class A office buildings are moving to digital directories, and Borel Estate Company wanted to ensure their building continued to keep pace with tenant expectations.”
Chonita Cleary of Borel Estate Company states “What we wanted to provide our tenants was a state of the art directory reflecting a professional office environment. The ability to make real-time changes was one of the major selling points made by BLR.”

For over 40 years, BLR Sign Systems has been providing integrated visual communication solutions. For the digital portion of the Borel Estates project, BLR turned to wholesale turnkey solutions provider,, located in Milpitas, CA, who provided their 75” AdSlide™ Digital Directory.

Kelly Conway of BLR states “the digital directory package met the expectations of Borel Estates Company management with a 75” display that has dynamic elements presented in a straightforward design that is easy to update with event and tenant information.”

Chad Bogan, Director of Distribution for DigitalSignBuilder, stated “The digital directory turned out great. It has a very nice professional design that is eye-catching, easy to read, and aesthetically appealing.”

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