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An Introduction To Digital Directories (Part 2 of 7)

Creating a digital directory

Visitors coming to an office or retail location need guidance on navigating to specific office or area of a building. For quite some time, nicely engraved plaques have been leveraged, or black marques with the ability to change the letters have been used. Technology has now introduced a new way for individuals to review building listings through digital directories.

Rather than using a traditional sign to help direct visitors throughout a facility, digital signage is an alternative that incorporates the same purpose with technology integrated. Not only does this have a more modern-aged look and feel, but it also introduces an easier ability to update any changes needed to the signage over time. If you are considering making the switch to a digital directory, this multi-part guide will assist your decision-making process on the type of software and display to use.

Definition of a Digital Directory

A digital directory is a software-powered solution that is used to guide visitors throughout a building to an on or off premise location by displaying building tenant listings, information, and optional directional arrows. A total digital directory solution includes software, content, display, media player, and optional wall mount enclosure or free-standing kiosk.

Environments Using a Digital Directory

While large businesses with multiple floors are the primary audience for digital directories, this can also be used for several other locations. Some examples include, office and corporate buildings, large multi-level malls and shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, airports, college campuses, and anywhere else with multiple on-premise location endpoints.

4 Digital Directory Benefits

1. Easily Maintainable

A digital directory is operated through a user-friendly software that will allow you to make the necessary adjustments and changes within your business to stay current and up to date in less time than the traditional displays required.

2. Cost-efficient

Aside from the upfront initial investment, a digital display saves you time and money compared to other fixed signage that was traditionally used in facilities to assist visitors.

3. Multi-faceted

A digital directory will enable you to push more information through the displays, such as advertisements, weather announcements, upcoming events, and so forth. A traditional display does not afford you that opportunity.

4. Modern look and feel

Today’s society is geared towards technology. Having the ability to replace something with a more current look and feel will be well-received by the visitors that arrive.

We can help you!

At DigitalSignBuilder we provide turnkey digital directory packages that include the software, professional directory graphic design, media player, an easy cloud-based digital directory content management platform, a commercial grade digital sign plus all cables. Every package is a one-time cost and does not require annual fees.

With DigitalSignBuilder it's easy, you tell us what you want and we'll custom design, set-up and install a complete solution for you. We will provide you with complete training and support after the digital directory system is installed. When you need to make edits to a directory listing you can simply use your iPhone or Android device. Within minutes of making your edits the new information is being display on the directory! For more information on our digital directories give us a call. 408-933-3300

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