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Turnkey Digital Signage Higher Education Solutions

With students being tech-savvy and on-the-go, schools and universities need to compete to have a share of attention.  Our all-inclusive digital signage solutions allow campuses to quickly and effectively communicate information in an attention-grabbing way. The benefits are endless - from uplifting your school’s reputation to rewarding students’ excellence to informing your student of upcoming seminars, alumni events and other great things happening in your school.  Download Higher Education Solutions Flyer.

College Classes and Campus Events

We will incorporate your Campus Management software with every digital display enabling automated updates of real-time news, class times or cancellations, seminars, event time and other campus-related notifications. When the information in your software updates so will the data on your digital sign. This eliminates the need for your administration to manually update the content listing. Platforms we integrate with include:

  • 25Live / CollegeNet: schedules, programs, class times, e-calendars
  • EMS: meeting and classroom schedules, and event listing
  • Sales Pro: event and conference schedules, class times, & directory listings
  • Micros Opera: event schedules and POS sale listings
  • Active Directory: directory listings
  • HTML: website
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Campus Wayfinding

Provide students and other visitors Pinch and Zoom 3D Campus maps for quick and easy destination finding. Using the built-in touch keyboard visitors can search the campus directory to receive turn by turn directions to classes, events, buildings, rooms and other campus locations. The directory listings can feature a short description, images, and room number with a direct phone number.

Campus Announcements, Emergency Alerts, and Alumni Recognition

Integrate your existing campus news feeds for instant public notifications. Other favorite information streams we can build into the interface include scholarship news, NCAA scores, weather, and news. Emergency alerts can also be added allowing your administration to instantly create and publish Emergency Notifications, Lock Downs, and Evacuations. If your college is set-up with RAVE, we can integrate that feed for Automated Emergency Notification Alerts.

  • Add multi-touch media galleries featuring images and videos
  • Promote seminars, alumni events and other great happenings
  • Highlight student achievements and staff  contributions
  • Spotlight alumni donor recognition and encourage new donations
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