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Digital Directories

Turnkey Digital Directory Systems

We specialize in creating digital directory solutions! Our one-time cost digital directory packages are custom built information-rich systems that are designed to fit your properties communication and wayfinding needs. 

    We design every digital directory so it adds an extra level of convenience for your patrons while expanding your ability to easily manage day to day property communications. Do you need the exact dimensions of a display or have questions? Talk to an expert! Give us a call 408-933-3300

digital directory sign

Reliable and Efficient

With our professional digital directory systems, property managers can remotely manage all listings, names, descriptions, images, and other media directly from a computer or cellphone. All updates can be done on the fly using Google Drive or Outlook.

   Once the system is installed it is self-operational.  Settings can be applied to the digital directory for pre-scheduled Power ON / OFF. Every time the system turns on the directory software automatically loads itself.

  • The average digital directory listing update take less than 5 minutes!
  • Display information, weather, news, videos, announcements, etc
  • Spotlight information on events, meeting, or conferences
  • No recurring software or maintenance fee
  • We offer 32", 43", 48", 55", and 65" digital directory packages

Touch Screen Digital Directory System

Our touch screen digital directory improve your patrons experience while expanding your ability to up-sell services and promote available properties or offices for rent.

  • Built-In Touch Keyboard for easy directory searching
  • Add a short description, image, and contact info of each listing
  • Feature local points of Interest map with area business
  • Touchscreen screen saver with built-in welcome messages
  • Real time public transportation listings
  • Promote on-site amenities and services
  • Interactive media gallery (images and videos)
  • Multi-language support and ADA compliant

Touch Screen Digital Directories with 3D Wayfinding Maps

Take your digital directory listings to the next level by adding turn by turn directions to every destination listed in the directory with multi-floor multi-building 3D maps. All paths are auto-created with built-in Smart Pathway algorithm and consist of shortest route to destination plus include estimated travel time.

  • Fly Over: animation that provides virtual walk through directions
  • Stacked: multi-floor view that supports 360-degree viewing
  • Eagle View: high level, 3D top down route directions
  • Add a Map It button to listings to provide turn by turn directions
  • Searchable touch screen directory with MapIt button for directions
  • 32", 43", 48", 55", and 65" touch screen digital directory packages

Mini Digital Directory Case Studies

Gold Coast University Hospital (Queensland, Australia)

GCUH is the third-largest hospital in Queensland, Australia, with 8,000 rooms, 250  departments and 59 floors in 8 buildings. They wanted us to map the entire campus and also include a mobile wayfinder for their 24/7 facility. The overall campus encompasses 1.83 million square feet of floor space.

    GCUH recognized the massive challenge. Every day, specific rooms or even entire departments could be frequently moved around, expanded, or shrunk. Internal staff would need to find non-public rooms; in-patient areas would be closed after visiting hours, and some departments would not open on weekends. GCUH needed to guide individuals  with easily retrieved, real-time, directional information. A total solution was needed.

    Amazingly, the Waytouch Premier™software satisfied 100% of these needs. The map editor handled floor- plan updates for both the kiosks, mobile, private/public pathway re-routing, and route scheduling.

digital directory kiosk

Waytouch Premier touch screen digital directory kiosks were you used to provide patient and visitors with turn by turn directions to floors, hospital wings and more!

   The content editor provided all content/interface updates in five major languages, and automatically connected any live events to the floor map. The designer-controlled layout provided updates beyond template limitations. The KMS-monitored player status offered flexible scheduling rules. Staff management helped 19 private floors to be accessed with a login privilege. 

    Rod Alderton, who works for GCUH’s contractor, Command Australia, reported the following results. Despite a three-month project delay, the wayfinding system still launched its kiosk testing two months ahead of the grand opening. After a half-day of training, CA mastered the user-friendly backend system and proficiently published several rounds of mapping changes, language translations, and template designs during the two-week installation. The on-site integrator reported that, since opening, “a large number of people were using the wayfinding kiosk – everyone, including the elderly”. Self-service wayfinding kiosks helped to reduce the stress and confusion of patients and visitors, who could navigate at their own pace. GCUH successfully stayed under the budget and even added a new mobile-wayfinding feature for smartphone users.

Touchscreen Directory Sign

Shopping City (Seiersberg, Austria)

Shopping City encompasses four connected building wings on a total of 14 floors. Its more than 200 stores span nearly a million square feet of space and attract more than 35,000 daily visitors. The management team wanted a state-of-the-art solution to replace their expensive-to-maintain, antiquated, analog signage system. The solution required a centralized, content-management system and an advertising platform that would generate ROI from external advertising agencies.  Additionally, all content needed to be presented in both German and English to provide orientation, shopping information and promotions.

NFC integration on kiosks was required to maximize their existing, customer-relation system: Shoppers are encouraged to swipe the NFC tag, check their


earned reward points, receive individual promotion recommendations and start a new a new round of shopping. The new system needed to increase this engagement and maximize the application with a strong, statistically analyzed return. Handicap-preferred routes throughout the center required the touchscreen interface to be wheelchair friendly and accessible. All content needed to be handled internally, including the ability to edit floor maps for future structural modifications.

Due to the extensive capabilities the Waytouch Premier supports, Shopping City selected it for the its mall wayfinding touch screen digital directory system. The hardware features 18 touchscreen Waytouch Premier™wayfinding touch screen directory signs (70 and 80 inches wide), which were installed in less than two months. The solution surpassed both the time-frame and budgetary requirements.

With full, in-house editing and advanced scheduling capabilities, the retailer can automatically recalculate the route after each store update. The included free monitoring and screen-protection components saved significant effort during final deployment.

According to estimates, advertising increased by approximately 30% in less than two months. Inquiries at the Information Desk greatly diminished, while customer swiping of their NFC cards has greatly increased.


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