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Donor Recognition


  Turnkey Recognition Digital Signage Solutions

Interactive digital donor boards draw attention and enhance the image of your organization while honoring the donors who have contributed to your organization's success. Just imagine the reactions you'll receive from your donor when they see their names and information proudly being displayed in recognition. With our all-inclusive digital donor solutions you will be able to proactively display and manage the contributions your donors have made while inspiring and encouraging generosity.

Interactive Donor Listings

Choose to display searchable multi-category listings that highlight and recognize timeline events, leadership awards, and employee donors.

  • Display personalized messages or thank-you in a thoughtful way
  • Add photos, captions and short biography in donors' profile
  • Build awareness on current and future programs
  • Incorporate a series of videos, your mission, story, and beliefs
  • Showcase project success and donor programs
  • Share your story, fund raising projects, and giving opportunities!
  • Add a Donate Now  Button to encourage real-time donations

Engage and Inform

Our Touchscreen Digital Donor Boards can be created in any format or theme you want. They can be tailored around your organization to support your exact needs. Popular features organizations choose to incorporate into their boards interface include:

  • Add pinch & zoom media galleries to enhance visual appeal
  • Images, videos, PowerPoint and other media can be featured
  • Interactive timeline featuring accomplishments and information
  • Updatable custom screen saver featuring messages for donors
  • Example: "Thank You Mr. Smith For Your Contributions
  • Events Calendar spotlighting fundraising activities, and more!

Built-in Versatility

While some donors prefer to remain anonymous and avoid the limelight, you can customize the digital donor boards based on their preferences. For simplified donor listing management a database feed will be set up for you to use for streamlined content management.

  • The display is updated within minutes of you editing content
  • A built-in keyboard is available to search for donors
  • Full ability to control all donor listings and information listed
  • Manage listings and other media with Google Drive or XML file
  • Changes can be done on the fly via iPhone, Computer, or Tablet
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