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All of our solutions include the industries only no strings attached 100% digital signage design satisfaction guarantee

Multiple Applications

Our turnkey digital signage solutions can be used in any commercial setting to easily and quickly broadcast relevant information. Popular uses include:

Awe-inspiring graphic design

Every system includes all-inclusive custom digital signage content creation. We will create all graphics and set-up the layout according to your exact needs, objectives and branding requirements. Once the content is completed, and you approve it, we will then ship you a complete ready to use solution! Read more about the graphic design and content creation process.

Includes all of the essentials

Every one of our solution are one SKU include every component your need:

  • DSB Media Player
  • DSB Signage Software
  • Complete Content Creation
  • Cloud-Based Content Manager
  • 5 Phase Design Guarantee 
  • Commercial Grade Display or Kiosk (Optional)

Easily update the signs content from you phone!


Edit, update and manage all text, images, and other media zones from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone remotely anytime from anywhere. Read more about changing the digital signs content.

  • Easily change directory listings, suite numbers, names and other details
  • Change menu prices, descriptions and more
  • Upload images and easily swap out videos



Visually Engaging

Generates the visual excitement your organization is looking for when it comes to digital signage. Using digital signage you can display:

  • News, sports and weather
  • Images and videos galleries
  • On-site amenities and services
  • Advertisements and sales
  • Digital directory listings
  • Broadcast important notifications
  • Corporate communications
  • Integrate emergency alerts
  • Outlook 365 meeting calendar integration
  • Scrolling ticker feeds
  • Internal employee news

5 Phase Design Guarantee

Because we believe content is king we have added the industries only 100% digital signage design satisfaction guarantee to every package. We guarantee you that your system’s content, design, and layout will meet your exact expectations. Read more about the content design process.

Plus total support

Once the order is placed the customer needs to complete STEP1. Once completed and the customer approves it we will prepare the media player and ship you a total system. After it the system installed, we will provide full training on how the end-user can make edits and changes to content.

Included with 12-month software support is:


  • TeamViewer preloaded onto every media player for remote support
  • Optional renewal of 12-month software support can be purchased 


Hardware 36 month warranty:

  •  3-year advanced exchange warranty on display
  • 3-year standard warranty on media player


Lead time?

Average 3-6 weeks

How is the content made?

Upon receiving your order, we will follow a comprehensive proof and revision process that requires your review and sign off. This procedure leaves you with complete control, outstanding service and a solution you are proud of.

Is there a limit to a number of features I can select?

You can choose as many features as you need. Pricing remains the same regardless of the number of features you select.

How does my logo, branding, and company information get added to the content?

When placing your order let us know the features you would like, provide your logo and other branding requirements. Our design team will creatively incorporate everything.

Who do I call with questions?

You receive a dedicated support specialist to call plus 24/7 technical answering service.

What is the warranty on your media player?

36 month

Is support included?

Is support included?
12 month software support.

Is this system scalable?

Yes, fully scalable.

Are there hidden costs or renewal fees?

No hidden fees or required software renewal costs.